Professional Electricians

Electrical Safety is our biggest concern at Millstone Electric. Our electricians are here to help make sure your home or business is as safe as it can be.


We are fully insured, licensed electricians, not to mention with our experience we can help identify the signs of problems, current and ones waiting to happen.


Here at Millstone Electric, we value your business. We take pride in our fast, friendly service.

Home Inspection

While home inspectors often know what to look for in home construction, sometimes they overlook electrical needs. Trust us to give you an accurate report on your future home.

Panel Upgrades

Contact Millstone Electric for a complete electrical inspection in Halifax, NS. A technician can help you prevent electrical emergencies, and help you determine the need for a new electrical panel. Older homes are in more danger of fire hazards than new ones, simply because of the electrical.

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