Safety First

At Millstone Electric, we know safety. We are fully insured, licensed electricians, not to mention with our experience we can help identify the signs of problems, current and ones waiting to happen. Whether its overloaded circuits, incorrect wiring, lack of GFI outlets or aluminum wiring, we are trained to identify and correct potential hazards. You can take comfort knowing we care.

Other projects on the go?

We know it can be tough to get someone to look at that drippy faucet, or repair that hole in the wall. With over 25 years working in the trade, we know a few people. We can help

Your Needs

Here at Millstone Electric, we value your business. We take pride in our fast, friendly service. We can cater to the smallest of projects like new sockets and panel changes to more ambitious projects . We can get you on the right path to fulfilling your electrical needs.

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